Water Supply Foreperson

Waterford Township DPW
Waterford, Mi


Under the supervision of the Water Supply Coordinator/EGLE Liaison, supervises branch personnel in the operation and maintenance of water wells, pumps, buildings, water tanks and all equipment necessary for supplying water to the Township’s municipal system, including operational analysis and process management improvements.

Essential Job Functions

An employee in this position may be called upon to do any or all of the following functions. These examples do not include all of the duties which the employee may be expected to perform. To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential function satisfactorily.

1. Supervises and assists branch personnel in the inspecting, cleaning, maintaining, constructing, and repairing water treatment, water wells and related systems utilizing a variety of equipment.

2. Supervises and assists Water Supply Department regarding the performance of daily service and maintenance which may include, but not be limited to:

  • Wells and pumps.
  • Water treatment.
  • Water Treatment Filters.
  • Controls and instrumentation.
  • Telemetry - SCADA
  • Buildings and structures.
  • Elevated and ground level tanks and storage facilities.

3. Compiles and submits monthly and periodic reports related to water supply activities including valve and hydrant maintenance programs. Receives reports and documentation from subordinate personnel and reviews them for completeness and accuracy.

4. Responsible for the accurate and timely completion of the DPW’s Monthly Operating Report (MOR) and submits to the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) as required. Also, works with DPW Mgt. to complete the Annual Water Quality Report.

5. Responsible for all water sampling as required by the EGLE.

6. Supervises and assists branch personnel regarding the operation and maintenance of telemetering system and electrical devices to monitor pressure points and other water supply instrumentation at the various facilities.

7. Plans and supervises the annual hydrant flushing program.

8. Supervises and assists branch personnel regarding station inspections, recording instrument readings and making major and minor adjustments to equipment by means of manual, mechanical, electrical, and computerized methods.

9. Supervises and assists branch personnel on the dismantling, cleaning, and reassembling of water pumps and related equipment.

10. Compiles data and completes a variety of reports using both manual and computerized spreadsheets and databases. Researches and makes recommendations to the Water Supply Coordinator and the Department Director on ways to gather data, improve existing reports or initiate new reports and improve or modify system operations.

11. Supervises and assists branch personnel charged with maintaining chemical feed equipment and related control equipment and ensures an adequate supply of materials needed for this operation are always maintained.

12. Supervises and assists branch personnel who provide a full array of customer service work and responds to various customer calls regarding water quality problems.

13. Supervises and assists branch personnel who perform a full range of water and operational analyses. Make recommendations to the Water Supply Coordinator/EGLE Liaison for improving operational processes.

14. Maintains accurate, legible, and timely records of work performed by subordinate personnel. Reviews records completed by subordinate personnel before they are submitted to the Water Supply Coordinator.

15. Assists, schedules work, approves and/or disapproves leave requests and trains Water Supply Branch personnel. Documents inappropriate conduct, actions and work performance and turns this information over to the Water Supply Coordinator for further action. Works with subordinate personnel to make sure they receive adequate training for all phases of their duties and responsibilities and to ensure they obtain and maintain their operational licenses.

16. Prepares and submits Branch’s yearly budget requirements. Periodically reviews Branch’s cost expenditures to insure they are within program budget. Is responsible for purchasing parts and supplies used by the Branch and ensures that proper procedures are followed on purchases. Makes recommendations to the Water Supply Coordinator on means and methods to control cost when costs begin to or have exceeded budget allocations.

17. Must become/maintain the Operator in Charge or Alternate Operator in Charge (at discretion of the Water Supply Coordinator and/or DPW Director) while in this position.

18. Must stay up to date on all rules and regulations for our water supply from regulatory agencies such as EGLE and keep our water supply system in compliance with those regulations.

19. Responsible for Waterford Township water sampling plans and updating them as needed to meet EGLE regulatory standards.


1. Must be a high school graduate or equivalent.

2. Must have a D-1 Michigan Department of Natural Resource and Environment License at the time of appointment.

3. Knowledge of advanced water treatment system operations, services, activities, and maintenance programs.

4. Knowledge of advanced methods and techniques of recording instrument readings and related measuring devices.

5. Ability to understand and repair instrumentation used in telemetry systems.

6. Knowledge of the hydraulic effects upon the complete water system as it relates to programming the telemetry system.

7. Demonstrated and proven ability to operate computers, their operating systems, and a wide variety of advanced operational and related software programs, including SCADA.

8. Knowledge of treatment system maintenance equipment and tools.

9. Knowledge of potential occupational hazards and standard safety practices.

10. Knowledge of all applicable codes, regulations, policies, and procedures.

11. Must have a valid Michigan’s Drivers License and be able to meet the Township’s driving standards.

12. Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with those contacted in the course of work and ability to lead lower graded personnel in routine and complicated work assignments.

13. Ability to communicate accurately, clearly and concisely in writing, orally and electronically, in the English language.

14. Ability to read, interpret and understand more advanced levels of technical information including maps and engineering and technical drawings and ability to train subordinate personnel in these respective areas.

15. Advanced mathematical calculations skills.

16. Able to independently follow established work routines and schedules.

17. Must possess journey level skill in the operation, repair and maintenance of water treatment system.

18. Must possess advanced mechanical and electrical skills.

19. Ability to operate a variety of equipment including vehicles and system maintenance devices in a safe and effective manner.

20. Must possess journey level skill in facilities and grounds maintenance at treatment facilities.

21. Ability to understand advanced treatment systems construction, maintenance, and repair techniques.

22. Ability to lead subordinate personnel in the performance of their water treatment duties and responsibilities.

23. Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with those contacted in the course of work and ability to effectively supervise subordinate personnel in routine and complicated work assignments.