Assistant Superintendent of Water Treatment

Emily Gunther
City of Saginaw


$70,054.40 - $77,750.40 Annually


Supervises and oversees, in conjunction with the Superintendent, the continuous operation and maintenance of Water Treatment facilities. Also oversees all sampling and testing to ensure effective operation and compliance with all State and Federal Regulations.

Reports directly to the Superintendent of Water Treatment. Supervises laboratory, operations and maintenance personnel in the treatment plant in coordination with the Superintendent.   Assumes duties of the Superintendent in his/her absence.

Applications from AFSCME bargaining unit members will be considered before those from the Public.

Applications will be screened with qualified applicants participating in an oral interview.

Major Duties

  1. Supervises and oversees continuous operation and maintenance of the Water Treatment Facilities, including a 50 MGD Water Treatment Plant, 7 remote pumping stations, a 180 MG raw water reservoir and associated equipment.
  2. Assumes duties of the Superintendent in his/her absence.
  3. Analyzes and recommends improved methods of operations and maintenance.
  4. Oversees scheduling and supervision of daily activities of subordinates in the maintenance of pumping stations, treatment plant, motor vehicles, plant equipment and grounds.
  5. Assesses needs for and orders materials and treatment chemicals.
  6. Oversees scheduling and supervision of activities of laboratory and operating personnel and completion of quantitative and qualitative analyses as necessary.
  7. Oversees preparation of plant operation manuals.
  8. Responsible for preparation of Monthly Operation Report in absence of the Superintendent.
  9. Determines disciplinary action of subordinate employees when necessary.
  10. Prepares reports and surveys as required.
  11. Checks all operating reports.
  12. Assists Superintendent with various administrative aspects of the operation and maintenance of Water Treatment.
  13. Participates in planning for Capital Improvements to facilities and oversees the implementation of said improvements.
  14. Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

  1. Must possess an F-3 State of Michigan Drinking Water Operator Certification and all requirements contained therein.  Once eligible, must obtain a F-2 Operator Certification within 2 test cycles and must obtain the F-1 Operator Certification within 4 test cycles.
  2. Must possess a Bachelor’s degree in Science (Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, etc.) or in a water-related field of science.
  3. Must possess at least 4 years of acceptable operations experience in an F-1 Class water treatment facility, two of which have been in a supervisory position or a position of major operational responsibility.
  4. Must possess knowledge/experience in all major areas of water, laboratory analysis, maintenance, filtration and chlorination.
  5. Must have good communication skills with ability to deal effectively with the public.
  6. Computer experience desirable and/or willingness to learn.
  7. Must possess a valid Michigan Driver’s License.

Supplemental Information

  1. May require lifting of 50 lbs, bending, stooping, climbing and work in confined spaces.  Requires work in tight work areas, requiring crawling over and under piping and at varying heights.
  2. Must have ability to use self-contained breathing apparatus/respirator while serving as a member on an emergency response team as a part of the Process Safety requirements for chlorine emergencies.   Must also be able to use other P.P.E.
  3. Works in locations under a variety of hazardous conditions; works around electrical voltage varying from 0 to 4160 volts AC and 0 to 120 volts DC.
  4. Requires use of a motor vehicle to reach associated sites.
  5. Exposure to areas with high noise levels. Works in a facility with several dangerous chemicals including Chlorine, Ferric Chloride, Lime, Fluoride, Carbon, Cationic Polymer, and Diesel fuel along with smaller amounts of various laboratory chemicals.