Wastewater Lead Operator

City of Buchanan
Buchanan, MI

The City of Buchanan will be accepting applications for a Wastewater Lead Operator.  The position will report to the Wastewater Treatment Plant in the City of Buchanan.  Candidates must be able to obtain a class B wastewater license.   Pay will range from $43,270 - $55,290 (2019) & licenses up to $8,112.00 annually.  Applications can be picked up at Buchanan City Hall, 302 N. Redbud Trail, Buchanan, Michigan, 49107 or can be downloaded at www.cityofbuchanan.com.  Please return your application and resume to Buchanan City Hall by June 24, 2019.  Applications and resumes can also be submitted to Brenda Hess, City Clerk at bhess@cityofbuchanan.com.


Operate and maintain a variety of wastewater processing equipment.  Take samples and conduct chemical tests to record and control treatment operations.  Meet any and all State and Federal Reports so required.  Perform related work as required.


The work is performed under the general supervision of the Director of Public Safety/Services, and/or any supervisors so assigned in the City of Buchanan flow chart. 


Supervision is exercised over employees assigned to assist.  


An employee in the position may be called upon to do any or all of the following.  (Does not include all tasks an employee may be expected to perform.)

1.         Take samples and conduct chemical tests to record and control treatment operations.

a.         Take wastewater samples at required frequency and locations in the treatment process.

b.         Carry out and record results of a variety of standardized laboratory tests to determine suspended solid levels, volatile solids, alkalinity, B.O.D., phosphorus levels, and other critical parameters in the treatment process.

c.         Clean, calibrate and maintain laboratory equipment, order supplies, and make up reagents and other standard testing compounds.

d.         Notify the Direct Supervisor of abnormal test results.  Make notifications to supervisors when making adjustments in the chemical process to meet required treatment standards. 

2.         Operate and maintain a variety of wastewater processing equipment.

a.         Operate treatment equipment.   Take readings and check flow and levels in grit chambers and settling tanks, clear and clean screens and filters.  Control flotation procedures and operate pumps to remove sludge and wastewater for further processing.

b.         Operate chlorinators, conveyors, metering instrumentation, and a variety of lift and sludge pumps and blowers. 

c.         Check readings and inspect assigned equipment while in operation. Load processing chemicals, make adjustments and minor repairs.  Lubricate and carry out other preventative repairs. 

3.         Develop and administer the Industrial Pre-treatment Program.

4.         Provide and maintain all reports pertaining to the operation of the WWTP.

5.         Prepare, submit, provide and send all required monthly, quarterly and yearly required reports to the State and USEPA.

6.         Maintain knowledge of State and Federal Regulations pertaining to wastewater treatment.

7.         Implement operational changes that shall assure compliance with all established regulations.

8.         Perform related work as required.


An employee in this class, upon appointment, should have the equivalent of the following knowledge, training and experience:  

1.         Knowledge of the procedures and practices of mechanical equipment operation to efficiently operate and maintain assigned wastewater treatment machinery.

2.         Knowledge of the basic principles and techniques of chemistry and biology to accurately carry out a variety of standardized wastewater treatment tests.

3.         Knowledge of the safety procedures and precautions of wastewater plant operations.

4.         Knowledge of the procedures and practices of laboratory safety.

5.         Skill in operating and maintaining a variety of plant equipment.

6.         Skill in operating basic laboratory testing equipment. 

7.         Skill in maintaining test records and compiling related reports.

8.         Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees.

9.         Preferred training includes an associate degree in chemistry, biology and related subjects.

10.       Preferred experience includes two years as a treatment plant operator, including some experience in laboratory work.  A class “B” Michigan Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator’s License is perferred, but not required. 

11.       Hiring position based on Education and Experience.